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His website tells his story on a page peppered with #TBTs of a young Donald posing by girls with blurred faces and captions like, “clueless at 22” and “total dork.”He writes that he used to live in “khaki pant and collared shirt hell” until he realized he “sucked beyond belief with women.” Next to this is a picture of him slimmer, rocking a fauxhawk, cuffed pants and boots. “But I don't let my clients drink, until the end of the night. D looks exactly how you'd expect a dating coach to look.

The caption reads “from zero to hero,” as he holds his now girlfriend.“I always get table service, so cool girls come up,” Dr. He wears a black button-down shirt with an extra button unbuttoned, displaying a freshly manscaped chest.

I had to walk back and forth across the apartment as if it was a sidewalk so that Lenny could stop me, come up with a line, then ask me three questions. When we stopped for lunch, Eric told Lenny to order plain chicken with broccoli. I was really upset, but he told me it was his job to help his client. As a woman, what do you think about this line of business? Eric claimed it wasn’t about getting clients laid, but from what I saw, it was.

He had a really hard time with the exercise -- it took two hours, and Eric videotaped the whole thing so Lenny could watch himself afterwards. He was basically coaching them to tell women exactly what they want to hear so they could score some.

Typically, they must do a style and fitness makeover, a stipulation his current client (let's call him Newsboy Hat) has been resisting.It also catches them at a key moment – choosing a place to live together.In crowded places – these are in New Jersey and Queens – expenses can dominate.We've all known – or wished we did – someone like Damona Resnick Hoffman.She's who you chat with when you're dating goes wrong or right.Anyone who’s procured multiple significant others over the course of his or her dating career will agree: every romantic relationship is truly unique. Eric specifically focused his attention on coaching men; but Giselle is convinced he taught HER way more than he did any client. I was out in the West Village with a friend one Friday night, when a tall handsome guy in his early 30s approached me by the coat rack. The coaches then picked a group of girls and told one of the guys to walk over and start talking to them.