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And we know in very general terms, it's the process where we start off with photons and water and carbon dioxide, and we use that energy in the photons to fix the carbon. And on the outside of the membrane, right here on the outside, you have the fluid that fills up the entire chloroplast. And then this space right here, this is the inside of your thylakoid. Enter another high energy state, then they go to a lower, lower and lower energy state.And now, this idea of carbon fixation is essentially taking carbon in the gaseous form, in this case carbon dioxide, and fixing it into a solid structure. But the whole time, that energy from the electrons going from a high energy state to a low energy state is used to pump hydrogen protons into the lumen.Through the book, the argument emerges that revolution and love must be symbiotic: ‘true’ revolution should be inspired by love and ‘true’ love must be revolutionary.Thus love and revolution become interchangeable, both are hard work and require dedication and commitment to a cause.This day’s Centerfault is one of the longest and best investigated faults in Spain, the sinistral Carboneras Fault Zone (CFZ) in Andalusia (36.85°N, 2.25°W).In the north, the CFZ is bounded by the Palomares fault, its southern tip reaches the Gulf of Almería.At the southwestern shore of the Cabo de Gata peninsula, the fault offsets the shoreline: Here, we did ground penetrating radar for mapping the fault trace and to calculate minimum slip rates.

Twice a year Glos Arch produces a newsletter to publicise its activities and to keep members up to date with things that are happening in the local scene, including courses and conferences etc.

It combines data from the formerly separate JP, WS, SC and AB lists.

Glos Arch publishes annually, about April, a journal called GLEVENSIS (meaning 'of Gloucester').

I don't like using the word dark reaction because it actually occurs while the sun is outside. Where literally, so here you have a huge concentration of hydrogen protons. And I go into detail on this when I talk about respiration. As they go into lower energy states, that's used to drive, literally, pumps that allow hydrogen protons to go from the stroma to the lumen. They want to-- I guess you could call it-- chemiosmosis. Well, if we're talking about non-cyclic oxidative photophosphorylation, or non-cyclic light reactions, the final electron acceptor.

It's actually occurring simultaneously with the light reactions. So they'll want to go back into the stroma from the lumen. And that turns, literally mechanically turns, this top part-- the way I drew it-- of the ATP synthase. It puts ADP plus phosphate groups together to produce ATP. And I'm going to go into more detail in a second. They want to go back into the stroma and then that drives ATP synthase. ATP synthase to essentially jam together ADPs and phosphate groups to produce ATP. So after that electron keeps entering lower and lower energy states, the final electron acceptor is NADP plus.