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So if you are a single man over sixty and have ample resources at your disposal, here is how to make the best of the dating scene.

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(US: botch or cob, shortened form of cobble) See Bodger.(vulgar; originally ballocks, colloquially also spelled as bollox) testicles; verbal rubbish (as in "you're talking bollocks") (US: bullshit).

The somewhat similar bollix is found in American English, but without the anatomical connotations or vulgar sense meaning 'mess up'.

(informal) a reform school for juvenile delinquents, from their pre-1969 designation; juvenile detention centres, whether Secure Training Centres for 15- to 18-year-olds or Young Offender Institutions for 18- to 21-year-olds (US juvie)(1) a sausage (from the tendency of sausages to burst during frying); (2) a type of small firework (no longer legally available); (3) an old car (allusion to a tendency to back-fire), thus the term 'banger racing' = stock car racing.

(US: clunker)bread roll or a sandwich made from it (this itself is a regional usage in the UK rather than a universal one); in plural, breasts (vulgar slang e.g.

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When applicable, transcript services may include reporting to professional associations and/or state licensure boards.

CRIMINAL REPORT - for .95The use of Criminal Records as an additional part of your screening process will identify and eliminate applicants with serious criminal backgrounds possibly saving you from an enormous liability.

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Related phrases include bollocksed, which means either tired ("I'm bollocksed!Refer to the Help section of this website for specific information regarding CE reporting procedures and a listing of specific reporting agencies.Occupational shall make all reasonable efforts to maintain the CE course library and display its courses for use twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, subject to scheduled downtime for maintenance and system outages beyond the Site’s control. If routine system maintenance is required on the Site, we provide a minimum of three (3) days notice regarding the outage (if applicable).Read on to see the 20 awesome dating apps that made our list. Singles Around Me is a dating app based on the belief that chance encounters with the people who just happen to be nearby can lead to lasting connections (the founder met his wife in just such a chance encounter many years ago.) This app lets you find cool people near you, based on your GPS.It is open to people of any gender or sexual orientation.WEST PALM BEACH, FL – FEBRUARY 14: Karen Brown (L) and Douglas Brown hold hands as they are wed during a group Valentine’s day wedding at the National Croquet Center on February 14, 2013 in West Palm Beach, Florida.