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Check out the slideshow above for 10 of the hottest teachers ever caught sleeping with their students.

Should female teachers be punished as harshly as male teachers who have sex with students? When a female teacher is caught abusing her position by becoming sexually involved with a student, oftentimes, she is not seen as a criminal.

Amy Bramhall, 33: Education technician was arrested in January 2006 after a 15-year-old boy at the alternative education school in Warren, Maine, told police he had an ongoing sexual relationship with her.

Flirting allegedly eventually led to an estimated 200 sexual encounters.

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Most have at least one story to tell — though usually not about themselves.

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In December 2006, she received three and half years in prison, with all but one year suspended, and four years probation.

Amy Elder, 28: Ripley High School teacher and softball coach in Memphis, Tenn., was indicted June 4, 2008, on 15 counts, including rape and sexual assault, after allegedly having had sexual relations with two female students.