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the did not directly take any of the above photos from Facebook. If so, it is a matter of national security that you upload your photos on our SUBMIT page or email all hot pics to: thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com.

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You’re immediately welcomed with an Inbox message, along with a bevy of lovely ladies’ profiles.

The site has few ads, other than for you to purchase credits, which are plentiful and in your face at every click.

Previously, I had heard the Buddhist version of the probability of "this precious incarnation." Imagine there was one life preserver thrown somewhere in some ocean, with exactly one turtle in all of these oceans, swimming underwater somewhere. Or could they be underestimates of the true number?

The probability that you came about is the same as that turtle sticking its head out of the water -- into the middle of that life preserver. So I got curious: Are either of these estimates correct? First, let us figure out the probability of one turtle sticking its head out of the one life preserver we toss out somewhere in the ocean. According to Wolfram Alpha, the total area of oceans in the world is 341 million km (131.6 million square miles).

(This is also known as "consulting" -- especially if you show it all in a Power Point deck.) This is going to be fun.

” is what my reader asked me, hesitant to put any more money into online dating sites with foreign singles that didn’t deliver. Still, with almost 200 comments and going strong, plus constant emails asking me about my Anastasia Date review (did you really try the site? From Anastasia Date: “Founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple, Anastasia Date was among the first enterprises of its kind and now has a membership of over 1,000,000, with more than 80 million online visitors annually and 1.5 million letters exchanged onsite daily.”Demographics: Female members range from the age of majority to generally the 45-year old mark, although there are older women on the site, I only encountered gals under 30.

So while this Anastasia Date review gets a general thumbs-up, there are a few things to take note of before jumping in.

Her close circle of friends might know about her affair, but she really cannot let anyone else, such as colleagues or her family, know.

She is alone most of the time and spends it waiting: waiting for her married lover to call, to come meet her, to share some precious time together.