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A recent issue of a woman’s magazine instructed their readers to date “nerds.” The article read like it was written by a bunch of mean girl anthropologists in little black dresses who just discovered a whole new species of men. I am qualified to characterize what a nerd is, namely because I am a nerd. A nerd is someone who is very passionate about very specific things. I will talk and argue and laugh about any of those topics, hopefully over beers and baskets of fried things.

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He filmed his stunts, including his clown performances, throughout this period.

While performing in the flea market circus, Steve-O began sending videos of himself to Big Brother Magazine editor and future Jackass director Jeff Tremaine.

A warning – if you're in any way squeamish, you may *not* want to press play on 'Don't Be A Dick – Part 2 – Steve-O'...

The Jackass (pun intended) doused his arms in rocket angel fuel to create fire angels.

Needless to say the stunt went horribly wrong and he had to undergo surgery.

Meanwhile, a day after the accident, Steve was seen in a comedy club performing a cup trick for the audience according to TMZ.

He kept a glass of water on his forehead as he contorted his body on a table in a somersault fashion ending the trick with the glass on the table never having spilled.