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Cockpit – a quite capable web administration interface for Linux systems — just added a great new feature: software update management.Cockpit now integrates with the package managers in popular Linux distributions including Arch, Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, open SUSE, SUSE, Ubuntu, and others.Usually, when a postback occurs, the entire page is reloaded.There is a visible flicker of the browser as the previous rendering is removed and the new rendering is displayed.This click-pause-flicker pattern is what the Update Panel helps you overcome.

By default, a postback control (such as a button) inside an Update Panel control causes a partial-page update.

Data Bind() is giving me the following error: the update method can only be called on updatepanel with id before render Anyone who knows what i'm doing wrong?

Are both Drop Down List controls bound if you wrap the controls in a Rad Ajax Panel instead of in an asp: Update Panel?

The user will likely notice the interruption, and this can interfere with his train of thought.

This is different from the smooth responsiveness we are accustomed to with desktop applications and can be disconcerting or annoying to users.